Mark Drake

An experienced and sensitive percussionist, Mark was one of our frontline workers for ten years. In September 2013, he left the Trust to work full-time as a primary school teacher. We are proud to welcome him as an associate! Mark plays kit and hand drums, and guitar, and is a talented musician. His sense of humour and readiness to be laughed at bring a dynamic sense of fun to all he does, making for an unforgettable experience. Mark also possesses a natural skill for passing on his gifts, through music lessons and, now, in the classroom.

Mark co-ordinates the worship rota at his home church, Shipley Baptist, and can often be found leading worship there on a Sunday morning. He runs a monthly Dads' group, Who let the Dads out? and plays drums in several bands, including Motif, and with John in concert. He still works with our team on holiday clubs, praise parties and one-off events. 

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