Julie Wilkinson

Julie is a gifted storyteller with over ten years experience under her belt. She tells stories with warmth, humour and a down-to-earth approach, touching the hearts of her listeners and skilfully bringing new worlds to life.

Julie regularly takes assemblies, both on her own and with Zephaniah colleagues, using true life anecdotes alongside Bible stories to bring faith alive. Her repertoire also includes traditional tales, folk stories and things she has picked up along the way.
She can provide storytelling workshops or performances and is happy to tailor the content to specific curriculum areas or requirements. She co-leads a weekly Christian Union in a secondary school, provides support to the Open the Book project in Shipley, and has pioneered Refugee Voices, a storytelling/drama project for schools using the stories of refugees from Bradford and those who work with them to develop understanding and awareness.

Julie is an experienced speaker and is happy to visit churches and community groups to share her stories and to talk about her work. She is an active part of her home church, GraceSpace, and has made many visits to ladies' groups, older people's groups, and children's/youth groups in other church and community contexts, as well as running one-off children's events and holiday clubs.
In September 2012, Julie joined the board of Sanctuary in Schools Bradford, linked to her work on the Refugee Voices project.

Julie writes an occasional blog, looking into the hidden spaces in Bible stories - to read more, click here. For information on other resources, click here

"God shows us who he is through story, and all he asks us to do is to pass his story on, with all the creativity and passion and joy it deserves. Julie's storytelling embodies all of that, and I recommend her to you!" 
Bob Hartman, Storyteller & Author

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