John Froud

John is an accomplished singer/songwriter, speaker and performer, with many years teaching experience to his name. Founder of the Trust, he has recorded 11 studio albums and performs concert sets to adults as well as praise party material for children. To find his CDs and information on gigs, visit his own website - He is an associate evangelist for the 40:3 Trust.

John is a much-loved visitor to schools across Bradford and beyond. Pioneer of the song-story-song assembly pattern, he makes termly visits to a long list of schools to take assemblies. Using a mixture of silly and more serious songs (often with actions), John blends a down-to-earth realism with humour and a strong sense of fun to get the message across. 
He can also provide RE lessons, poetry workshops, support during Ofsted inspections, visits to Christian Unions, and help on school trips. He coordinates Zephaniah arts weeks, week-long arts festivals where our staff team and associated artists provide arts workshops and lessons across the curriculum.

"For many in the school, John's lively delivery of the message of love and forgiveness really does touch them in a way that more formal acts of worship sometimes fail to do. Our school would certainly be a darker place without his contribution."
Elaine Schack, former deputy headteacher, Clayton CE Primary School

John is an experienced speakerpreacher and worship leader and is happy to visit churches and community groups to share his expertise. He regularly speaks and leads worship at his home church, Shipley Baptist, and has also made many visits to men's groups, Mother's Unions, youth groups etc.

John performs concerts for grown-ups and records studio albums under the auspices of Zephaniah Music - to visit his personal website, where you can see details of upcoming concerts, order CDs (including his two kids' albums and the Christmas album), visit

"It is always lovely to see John back. It's that nice comfy feeling you get when you see an old friend - whenever he comes, you know everything is going to be all right. It's like the warm cup of hot chocolate & a hot blanket on a cold night."
Teacher, St Oswald's Primary School



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