Our team are a creative lot - read on to find out about some of the resources they have produced and how you can access them...

John Froud - Songs, Albums & Gigs
Over the years, John has written a huge number of songs, including children's songs, Christmas songs, concert material for grown-ups and worship songs. Find out more here, including how to buy his albums and how to book him for a gig.

Julie Wilkinson - Stories, Scripts & Film
Julie writes an occasional blog, using a storytelling approach to explore some of the hidden spaces in Bible stories. She has also made a couple of short films using vegetables to retell familiar Bible stories and has written some scripts. Find out more here.

Resources to Borrow 
We have a range of resources that we have used in our work, from holiday club material to storytelling props and a puppet called Wesley! Most of the time, they sit in our office doing nothing - find out more about what we have and how you can borrow it here.