Stories, Scripts & Film

Julie's creative output includes original stories, scripts and all-age service plans, and a number of short films. An increasing number of these resources are available for use by others, sometimes in return for a small donation to the Trust. 


Julie has written a number of original stories using a traditional tale format to explore different ideas, allowing listeners to discover hidden truths for themselves. Two of these are available in booklet form and can be used in a variety of contexts, including assemblies and the classroom, church services and children's or youth groups. 
The Clay Pot is Julie's version of an Indian story, exploring the idea that God made each of us different for a purpose and that he loves each of us, just as we are. The Kingdom of Light (written for one of our Light Parties) challenges us to shine the light that God has given us, to build his kingdom. For more information or to request a copy of either or both of these stories, contact us.

Julie writes an occasional blog, The Hidden Spaces, looking at familiar Bible stories through fresh eyes. The blog helps her to develop her own faith and, she hopes, may play a small part in helping others develop theirs. Link to it here.

"I don't relate to the church at all any more, but I enjoy your blog posts about Bible stories. Thank you. :)"
@Impeus, Twitter 



Julie has written scripts for use in a variety of settings, including the script that forms the basis of our Refugee Voices project. Others include an all-age nativity to be acted by children and adults together, Scooby Doo and the Missing Olympic Torch for our 2012 holiday club, and various scripts telling particular Bible stories. For more information or to request a copy of any of these, please contact us.

Julie has planned and led all-age worship on a variety of themes and is happy to share her service plans and ideas with others who may find them useful. Themes covered include: The Good Shepherd, Easter, creation, the light nativity, and the all-age nativity script mentioned above. Contact us for more information.



Ben was created in an attempt to make Julie's daughter feel more positive towards butternut squash. It worked - and a film career beckoned!
After an initial foray into film-making for Ben's Day OutBen the Butternut Shepherd followed ‚Äčin 2011, as part of a community art exhibition based on a poem by Stewart Henderson. In December 2011, Ben starred in The Vegetivity, a fresh-produce-based version of the Christmas story, and in May 2012, he inspired a spin-off film of Zacchaeus, produced by Julie and her husband, David, working with children on a church weekend.
Some of the films are available to watch on YouTube by clicking on the links above. The Vegetivity is available on DVD, including Ben the Butternut Shepherd (with alternative soundtrack) and Christmas Out-takes as extras (we ask for a £5 donation) - to order one, contact us here!

"Thank you for the DVD of Ben - we passed it all the way through Key Stage 2 at Christmas. The children loved it. Although it is very amusing, the children also enjoyed making the links to the real nativity story."
Josie Briggs, Teacher, Low Ash Primary School

For the past two years, Julie has produced trailers for our summer holiday clubs which are available to watch on YouTube (Mission:Rescue and TorchBearers) and she has also made short films for use in worship - contact us for further details.

"Genius that DVD. Have watched 4 times in 2 days. Everyone LOVES it."
Marianne Clough, Bradford Media Hub

"Awesome and hilarious!"
Adam, age 9