Training & Workshops

We can offer training and workshops in a variety of areas to develop gifts and skills within your church or community group. Details of some of what we can offer are below - contact us for more details or to ask about anything we haven't covered!

Our team can provide a broad training on working with children, looking at the theology of and Biblical mandate for children's work and covering some of the practical aspects too. If you are looking to develop your children's work and would like to provide some training for your church leadership or your children's workers, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our team have a wealth of experience of planning and leading family worship that is genuinely all-age. John has written many children's worship songs that are also meaningful to adults and Julie has created a number of all-age service plans from scratch. Visit our resources page to see more or contact us if you would like to discuss how we can work with you to develop your all-age ministry.

Julie can provide storytelling training to develop skills in preachers, teachers, children's workers, youth workers - anyone whose role involves speaking to groups of people. The storytelling workshops cover Biblical storytelling, using stories from our own lives, and how to prepare a story. Contact us for more details.

John and Mark have many years of experience leading worship at their home church, Shipley Baptist, both singly and at the front of a worship band. They may be able to provide training or advice to your worship group - contact us to find out more.

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