Zephaniah Bible Times Exhibition


Our exhibition includes Bibles, models, and artefacts up to 2000 years old. These combine with a dynamic presentation from our team, teaching the history of the Bible and those whose lives were changed by it.

We have a growing collection of items including:
Artefacts & replicas of historical objects - coins, scrolls, manuscripts, Bibles, models & more
The English Bible - featuring the stories of Wycliffe, Tyndale & Henry VIII, the Geneva Bible, & the King James Version
Translations - how the Bible came from Hebrew & Greek to more than 4000 languages, including Braille & British Sign Language
Social Reformers - people who changed the world because of what they read in the Bible, including William Wilberforce, Elizabeth Fry & Martin Luther King

The exhibition travels to different host churches for a week at a time and we invite schools to book their classes in for RE visits. Our team leads an interactive teaching session, taking groups through the highlights of the exhibition, and this can be tailored to focus on specific areas of the RE curriculum. The exhibition can also be publicised to local churches and within the community, as space is made for adults as well as school groups to visit.

"A wonderful exhibition, beautifully set out. Children were excited and enthusiastic. Loved the stories. Thank you!"
Mrs Vellozzo & Year Five, Ley Top Primary School

"We really enjoyed our visit and learnt a great deal. Many thanks!"
Rachel Garbus & Year One, St Joseph's Primary School Bingley


So far, the exhibition has been to areas including Shipley, Bingley, Wrose, Allerton, Bierley, Bowling, and Liversedge. Sheena coordinates the exhibition for us - if you would like to talk to us about visiting your area, please contact her in our office to find out more.



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